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New York Times

Ukraine Targets Crimea for Second Day in a Row, Russia Says

Russian-installed authorities in the occupied peninsula said debris from a downed rocket fell in the Sevastopol bay, where Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet is based. [...]

Menendez Indictment: Why Gold Is an Eye-Popping Part of the Charges

Prosecutors say Senator Robert Menendez had a cache of ill-gotten ingots and a sudden interest in the price of the precious metal. [...]

Why the development of artificial intelligence might result in greater pollution of our digital public spaces. [...]

Gold Bullion and Halal Meat: Inside the Menendez Investigation

Federal prosecutors have accused Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey and his wife, Nadine, of accepting bribes in exchange for official actions by Mr. Menendez. [...]

Tropical Storm Ophelia Makes Landfall in North Carolina

As the storm hit the Carolina coast early Saturday, its winds were near hurricane force. The storm was expected to weaken over the weekend. [...]